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In this blog post, I will discuss some tips for lawyers who want a more digital presence based on some sites we have built for lawyers on the Sunshine Coast.


Before those tips always consider your hosting speed and make sure you have registered your domain name.


See this website for a Lawyer in Mooloolaba – New Era Law – Mooloolaba

What is a website for lawyers?


It is a place for people to find you, generally by your name. It is often simple and understated as there are legal requirements about how you advertise.


Why do lawyers need a website?


Your name is often your brand, so having a digital presence is key. Even if your referrals come from other lawyers, you want to have an easy-to-find, easy to explain site for everyone to find you.


How to build a lawyer website


There is a key to starting, we have found, by doing over 10 lawyers’ websites on the Sunshine Coast. Best to talk directly to us on this, as each legal specialty we have found is slightly different in the approach.

The benefits of having a lawyer website


Visibility. You have to be where your clients can find you.

Tips on how to get the most out of your new law firm web page


  • Have a clear picture of you, in a professional and non-professional environment
  • Start with a simple site
  • Make sure your contact details are large enough to find quickly
  • Have a contact form which has room for the lead to write what matter they need advice with

The internet is a powerful tool. It’s the most influential and persuasive form of advertising there is, and as every lawyer knows, an effective marketing strategy can make or break your practice.


A website for lawyers will help you generate more leads by providing information about what you do to potential clients in their own language so they know exactly what it is that you offer them without even needing to call or email first!


If this sounds like something that could benefit your legal practice contact us today to learn how we can build your law firm site from scratch with all the features discussed above included. We look forward to hearing from you.


See this website for a Lawyer in Noosa – Jodie Bruce Law

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