Top 4 Tips on Getting More Leads, Winning More Clients and Making Higher Profit in 2022

Want to make an impact in 2022? We have collated the top 4 recommendations from the client work we are doing at present to help you make more profit this year. 


We did an interview with Mathew from about what changes and implementations we are both recommending to our clients right now. 


Stats Lab’s top 2 changes to make more profit in 2022

Facebook Groups 


1 – There is a group for everyone

2 – Even the highest of paying work can be found in Groups – Some of our CEO and Board Chairman contacts have come from posting in Facebook Groups 

3 – You can communicate to your network or your team through multiple media channels at once (video, written, links to your website) and increase headcount (source new workers from relevant industry groups)


Understand Your Website 


Your Website – understand how it works in with Google and Social Media 

1 – Post to it, not social media (post to socials AFTER your website) 

2 – Simple format explaining how you solve the reader’s problem  

2 – Matt’s off-page SEO is a game-changer for us – Google My Business Profile is the most effective way to make sure your website gets relevant and high paying new clients. 


Raw SEO’s top 2 changes to make more profit in 2022


Google My Business 


Off-page SEO is the easiest and cheapest way to get maximum impact on your business in 2022. Get your Google My Business profile up to speed with 750 characters explaining what you do, in the locations you do it. Deep dive into your services and tag relevant keywords. Google will reward you. 


Cornerstone Content 


Your website software has the ability (or contact Matt at Raw) to tell Google what the most important pages are. Start small, 5 pages or so, noting the relevance to Google on what it should identify as the key information about your business. From there, time and relevance will do its thing. Keep building the site out and make your presence online grow. 

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