The Importance Of Replying To Comments on Social Media

Be honest…. How many posts on social media have you looked at and then decided to dive into the comments section to see what people are saying?


For me, at least, this happens regularly, if only just to have a bit of a laugh at the back and forth banter.


In this blog, we’ll look at why it’s important to reply to comments that people leave in your posts, and what you can do to get more engagement from your followers/customers.

Let’s tackle that first question, why comments and replies are valuable to your business. Firstly, replying to someone who leaves a comment on your post will more than likely encourage the user to engage in conversation. 


You can play this out in the comment section if you like, or if the client is after something more specific, or private, you can message them directly to continue the conversation. On the flip side, if you don’t respond, people will likely think that you’re not active, or that you simply don’t care about your users. This can be rather detrimental to your businesses online reputation.


Furthermore, replying to comments with something interesting or funny can help get others involved in the conversation.


All of this interaction, alongside any other likes, emotions and images will tell the mystical algorithms that your page/post is relevant… This means your post will more likely be shown to even more people.


Handling Negative Comments


Yep, let’s face it. Sometimes, people have something negative to say. That’s ok… this is another opportunity to respond with care and purpose. Move the conversation in a positive direction and leave the person, hopefully, feeling satisfied with the fact you cared to respond and address the issue.  Make sure you thank them for their opinion and feedback.


Tips For Better Engagement


  • Tag the person you’re replying to
  • Like/react to every comment on your posts
  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Turn on comment notifications (you don’t want to miss anything)
  • Make use of trending memes/gifs/images
  • Keep things light and friendly
  • Add call to actions or send DM’s if needed 


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