Simplicity Is The Key, Don't Overthink Your Marketing Tactics

When thinking about a topic to write about this week, I reflected on the work we’d done for our own clients.


Often it’s easy to get wrapped up in having the ‘perfect image’ or copy written by the gods. This is something we’ve seen time and time again over the past few years, so let’s talk about this in more detail.


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Onto the good stuff


One of our clients asked us this week if they should outsource some video work for the next sequence of ads they wanted to run. We sat down with them and looked at their recent outbound marketing campaigns on Facebook and the results they achieved. As we sifted through the numbers we noticed that their entire campaign had been recycled a number of times and the video content wasn’t hitting the mark with their audience (user fatigue).


We spoke about the options available; different messaging, different videos, targeting direct messages instead of filling out forms etc and quickly worked out that it simply needed to be refreshed a little bit.


Here’s where it gets interesting


The client immediately thought about what videos to shoot, who to contact and the costs and manpower involved. After helping them simmer down a little, we offered a simpler, quicker and more cost-effective approach to their next marketing cycle. Sure, we can always go down the path of new videos etc as mentioned above, but let’s ensure we’ve exhausted the quick and simple avenues first.


Based on our recommendations, we implemented the same campaign with the same videos, simply changing some of the text. Alongside that, we created another campaign and utilised some simple photos (iPhone style) of current staff and used a little bit of Canva magic to give them that final touch. Instead of looking to get users to fill out a form, we opted for a messenger campaign.


So….. what happened?


Several things actually, and this is what’s particularly interesting for the marketing nerds. Not only did we see an uptick in overall interactions (likes, shares, comments, messages and forms), but reduced our cost per message/form by almost half. Know your audience, people like genuine content they can relate to. If your audience is the blue-collar workforce, don’t present them with overly produced content that isn’t relatable. It works the other way too of course.


The moral of the story


It’s easy to overthink your strategies when you’re in the business day in and day out. Take a step back, talk to someone who matches your audience and find what resonates with them. It might be a simple phone image or a few lines of text that captures your audience. Unless you’re targeting film/design students and professionals, keep things simple and effective and you’ll find not only your results improve, but you can change tact very quickly if needed.


If you’re guilty of overthinking your marketing strategies and aren’t sure how to connect with your audience, book yourself in for a chat with me and we’ll see how can help.

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