Simple SEO Tips For Immediate Change to Get More Leads and Jobs

Deadly headline, but is there context to such a big claim – free and simple changes to your SEO (your web presence) to get more leads and jobs?


Watch the video we did with Matthew Walker Head of SEO Growth at Raw Profits – where he explains step by step the simple free changes many are not using on their website to make the phone ring with more leads and jobs.


Is SEO that complex and costly? 


There are many different levels of what SEO is. And Yes, some very large businesses would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on being number one on Google. But there are ways to be nimble and beat the large businesses with massive budgets at their own game.

This simple SEO marketing tip will get your phone ringing with new business.


Ok nothing is new here, we haven’t got a SEO tip which is top secret. It is simply making changes to this link –


to make sure you are visible firstly geographically (MAPS) and secondly making sure Google knows EXACTLY what you want to be found for.


You get 750 characters to explain a little more about yourself and your business. It is quite simply a way you can take charge of your SEO for free. We refer to it as Off Page SEO and it really really works.


There are literally free leads sitting in front of you but you might not know where to look. And SEO or Marketing companies might not want you to know this!


Nothing is for free. We are writing this blog to find owners with 1-10 staff who want to appear bigger and compete with the bigger business to win more work.


So we are not saying click the google link and watch the work roll in. You do have to spend SOME time putting info in and watching your account. We wrote a blog about doubling leads over 90 days here – 


Is your business like every other business and you want it to be wildly successful? Try this SEO tip and see how your enquiry builds. And Best of all it is free. 


You can find Matthew Walker and more SEO content here 


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