Networking and Facebook Groups for Profit in 2022

Are you still working out how and where to start networking? Look no further than online.


There are multiple new networking groups that focus on meeting online. But did you know you can find potential clients and peers online yourself?


Here is what we are implementing in 2022 for our own networking to find more clients:


1 – Get a few business friends together yourself – but do it on Zoom


Online meetups are time-efficient. You eliminate travel, parking, seating at a coffee shop and as bad as it might sound – small talk. Get right into the good stuff – the conversation about wins and losses your business had during the week. 


2 – Join lots of Facebook Groups – LOTS!


Seriously – do it. Watch lots of interest groups and business groups. How they run, why they feel good, bad or indifferent. Get your bearings and be active and business, slow at the start, will come.


We have met CEO’s, Chairpersons, Managing Directors and Managers from listed companies, large Not For Profits and businesses needing our help to grow their business – all from Facebook Groups. 


3 – Start your own Group


Once you are comfortable with online meetings with peers, you have been lurking and contributing in Facebook Groups – get ready to kick off your own group. We have suggestions on how to set the permissions and deal with comments. Leave us a message if you are looking at doing your own Facebook Group but the commenting and use of the groups functions are a little overwhelming. 


Get going in 2022 – win more clients by networking and using Facebook Groups


Physical networking is not dead. Mathew from still does a lot of it and it will find him new clients in 2022. But more and more, Mathew and others like him are moving to online groups and forming their own groups to connect and win more business this year.


Want to get an idea of how we have met and been engaged by 5 CEO’s or MD’s to do work for their businesses in 2022 just from Facebook Groups? Hit my calendar and book a meeting with me today.

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