Marketing Tips for Trades and Services Businesses

Are you a trade or service business on the Sunshine Coast and could use 10 more jobs each month?


Are you doing trade work in South East Queensland and want more work?


Is your services business riding the wave of business growth in Queensland or are you needing more leads?


Here are some tips to think about before jumping into adding marketing to your business plans.

Think Big


Start by looking at your business and its competitors. Look at their digital assets, their paid and non-paid marketing, and ask yourself where you want to be positioned. Good branding and web presence always help you stand out. All of this can be completed relatively quickly and inexpensively.


Be Nimble 


Get your free assets in order first. Are you visible on Google, Google Maps, Facebook, and other social media? It is little effort and there are many examples of small businesses that only have these and a few other small marketing outlays.


If It Works 


Are you already booked solid? Why do you need more marketing or more expense? If it is working, it might be more logical to look at your operations as opposed to more marketing.

Find Your Voice


Try blogging or regularly updating social media to find out what you are really passionate about inside your business. You may surprise yourself with what you find when you sit down to type out some content. 


Be Consistent


Once you start, don’t stop. Have a system in your diary to highlight a time to look at your marketing. Watching sport on the couch? Try doing your blogs. And of course, if you are in a position to, engage a service to do this for you. But learn as much as you can about marketing for your trades or services business. 

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