Marketing, Headcount, SEO and Sales in 2022

Using Facebook and Google to grow your business leads and at the same time grow headcount and retention is the new buzz process for 2022.


Your marketing is tied to your business growth in both finding new clients and jobs or finding new staff. So why aren’t more businesses using ALL the angles to make more profit?


In this week’s video we unpack which tools are helping us grow our business (finding more clients) and grow our clients’ businesses (get more leads and grow headcount): 

We cover: 


  • Google My Business and on Page SEO
  • Blogging – it is really just ‘adding a photo and comment’ 
  • Facebook lookalike audiences to target specific employees 
  • Facebook groups – find your perfect new employee 
  • You don’t need SEO you need Sales 


Google My Business pages are chronically underdone. In the video, we discuss how the business we are helping grow had 7 different profiles and no continuity or strategy for any of them.


Blogging is not a word many business owners are comfortable with. We say, change the narrative. Just upload a photo with commentary as often as you can and watch the increase in website hits. 


In the video, this company needed to grow its headcount by 120. We have shown them using Facebook lookalike audiences to target specific employees in specific locations will often triple the applications can.


For a quick outcome putting new staff on, try Facebook groups. Facebook groups will help you find your perfect new employee, but there is a strategy to it. Listen to the video on how we headhunted for a role using only Facebook group activity. 


Here is a little info from Mathew at

You don’t need SEO you need more sales – do this first!


Today I will talk about why it’s important to think of a sales strategy before you build a website or hire an SEO specialist like me first!


Did you hear me correctly, your saying do not hire an SEO specialist, run google ads, Facebook advertising, bing advertising, print advertising instead create a sales strategy first? 


Yes, you heard me right! 


Today I have decided to change my topic at the last minute and talk about something that is dear to my heart, helping small businesses achieve more sales!


You see since we started these weekly videos I have started to receive calls from businesses that call me for SEO help. What I discover is that they don’t require my SEO services in full they require more sales. One person called me recently and was spending thousands a month on services with no return. They were paying for social media posts and some Facebook advertising. 


  • Strategy First
  • Formula Second
  • Sales third


And if you curate your own group over time, the staff will find you much easier.


Finally, if you master on and off-page SEO, fishing in Facebook Groups for new work and headcount AND you are doing some blogging this is what you should do next. START your own Facebook Group.  


You will find a totally new way to increase sales, headcount and profit if you do. 


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