Lost in Translation: Easily Make More Money In Your Business

At the start of The Matrix, Neo has to choose between the red pill or the blue pill; accept the status quo, or try an alternative with an unknown path.


Fast forward to 2021 and we are still amazed at all the social media changes which have redefined our day (memes, sharing info, and video) that more personality isn’t injected into business quotes. Specifically – video.

7 years consistently. Every quote I have sent in the last 7 years has been accompanied by a video. Initially, it was long-winded and tedious. It was a grind but I knew I was converting sales at a higher rate than my peers. I would simply ask them; business is friendly like that. But even when I SHARED how I was converting so well no one followed suit. Not one.


So why is video confronting when I can clearly demonstrate a higher conversion. I can demonstrate you will sell more of your product or service by adding a few more minutes to the process of sending the quote or invoice. In fact, you can SAVE time by typing less.


Here are 3 reasons to move to video quotes or video over prospecting emails:


1 – Type less


Typing an email? WHY? Because you have to send info to a customer to help them buy your service. That info could be a quote, an invoice, or something else entirely. Along the way, we all got caught up typing this out in our own voice. But the email isn’t read in your voice, it is read in the voice of the recipient. So all your cute words, curated Lol’s, and executed commas are lost in translation. 


Get a process in place using LOOM to capture your reasoning on video as to why the quote or invoice is appropriate. Add your personality. Close by asking for the business using words and nonverbal communication.


2 – Get a read receipt when the video is opened


Emails can get lost in spam inboxes or ignored. So you are often left wondering where you stand in moving ahead with the quote or invoice. Using software like Loom will notify you when the video has been watched (it sends you an email immediately when the video is opened). So you have a clear window to strategically contact the recipient to ask them how the request for business is going and if there were any questions after they watched your video. 


But what if you haven’t got a notification the video has been watched? These two tactics come into play. 


Tactic one – old school pick up the phone and ask if they had seen your video (knowing full well they have not) in an excuse to move discussions about business forward. 


Or my favorite Tactic two – text the recipient the link to the video. WHY? We know SMS has close to a 90% open rate. So essentially you are ensuring your quote or invoice is seen and seen in a shorter timeframe than before. It is a win-win.


3 – Because no one else is doing it


No one. In 7 years of doing my quotes over video and time after time closing more business and time after time recipients telling me how good it was to receive a video message – no one follows my lead.


Stand out. Stand out by doing video quotes and simply make more money in your business. Choose the red pill.

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