Is Your Business Data Safe?

Cyber threats have been on the rise, and there are few things more important than data security.


With so many breaches happening in just the last year, it’s clear that companies need to take precautions with their data.


In this blog post, I’ll show you how to keep your organization’s information secure from hackers by following these simple tips. 


Tips include: (1) use strong passwords; (2) create a backup plan; (3) encrypt sensitive information, and (4) keep software up-to-date.   Read more here about how to protect your company’s data:

  1. What are the risks of not backing up your data?


Quite simply – you are putting your business information at risk. Interruptions like small hacks never happen at a convenient time.  


  1. How to back up your data


It is best to talk with your IT provider as each business is different.


  1. Why you should have a backup plan for all of your devices, not just one 


Desktops, Laptops, and mobile information is saved differently. You need a plan for your whole business. 


  1. The benefits of having backups if something goes wrong with your device or in the event that there’s an emergency situation like a fire or natural disaster


If the worst was to happen, offsite or internet backups allow you to continue business while the interruption plays out.


  1. Ways you can prevent disasters from hindering your business by being prepared and taking proactive measures such as making copies of important documents and storing them somewhere other than at home, creating passwords on all devices, etc


It speaks for itself, be prepared for the worst. Data security is an important issue that should not be taken lightly. You may think you have all your bases covered, but it’s likely you don’t if your data isn’t backed up in multiple places. Why do we say this? Because disasters happen to the best of us! And when they do, we often realize too late how unprepared we were for a worst-case scenario.


Take our advice and make sure that any type of backup device is synced with at least one other so there are redundancies built into your system from the outset. If disaster strikes and wipes out everything on one hard drive or server…you will still have copies elsewhere! 

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