How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Facebook Groups

Everyone knows what Facebook is.


As of July 2021, there are roughly 2.89 billion active users on the world’s most popular social network.


All those eyeballs are scrolling for an average of more than 40 minutes a day, just on Facebook.


In this blog, we’ll talk about how to capitalise on the increasing attention that users are giving to Facebook, and more specifically, how Facebook Groups are once again in vogue for businesses.

What’s The Difference Between A Facebook Page and a Facebook Group


Before we get started, let’s talk about the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. Essentially a Facebook Page is just like your personal page but tailored for your business. You can blast out your message, services, etc to anyone who is interested.


Think of it like setting up shop (albeit digitally) and letting everyone know what you do. You can list all the important business details, such as opening hours, website, phone number, email address, and anything else you think your customers want to know.


Facebook Groups on the other hand give you the opportunity to create a living, breathing community where users can share tips, ideas, testimonials, beefs (although hopefully not) and generally enjoy discussion about your business, products, etc. 


There are two ways you can use Facebook Groups. Either you create your own Public or Private group and build your base of loyal followers and contributors, or you can simply join groups that may already contain the clients you’re looking for. Either way, it’s important to create content and contribute to the group in a way that offers value to others, and increases awareness of your business.


Now that we know what the difference is, let’s look at the benefits. 


Benefits of Facebook Groups For Businesses.


Connecting directly with your customers 


Imagine walking into your office and all of your customers are there, waiting to potentially buy from you. All you have to do is greet each one and have something they want to buy, now or in the future. 


Building Relationships with Clients


Over time you will get to know who is in the group and, vice versa, they will get to know you. Being in a group may not be financial. It may actually form the basis for supporting personal growth or a sense of belonging. 


Increasing your reach (Networking) 


Networking in the old days was only done face to face, There is still a time and place for this if you choose. More and more often, including zoom and other web catch-ups, your networking is done digitally. Groups can provide a platform for you to meet and mingle with other like-minded professionals or potential repeat clients.


Knowledge Share and Gain 


Don’t know something and want to find out fast? The idea of calling a business line and getting to talk to their overseas help desk might be a thing of the past. Groups can get you your answer quickly, or provide you an opportunity to help out someone who may need your services in the future. Either way, that’s a win!


Finding other relevant Groups 


Facebook isn’t silly. It is going to want you to stay on its platform for longer and longer. So it will recommend other groups to you in a bid to keep you there. A lot of the time the recommendations are spot on. Including recommending friends who are in other groups too. Not just the groups themselves. 


Taking advantage of all forms of marketing will give you a competitive advantage. Understanding how Facebook Groups can benefit your business is worth the investment in time. If you want more practical advice on how to find clients in FaceBook Groups here is a link to our booking page or drop us a line using the contact form to the right (or below on mobile). 

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