How to use Facebook Groups to win new Clients in 2022

There is almost a Facebook Group for Everything. I take that back, there basically is.


Groups have become a great way to find out what you want, stay connected and most of all do business.


Why are Groups different now to before?

How to use Facebook Groups to win new Clients in 2022

Time and the way we have all used the internet post-pandemic have changed the way we view ourselves, our friends and our business.


We trust the process of buying online more than ever. We trust we can stay in contact with our friends online and not travel to them (or not be allowed to travel to them). So naturally, Groups have evolved. And it is not professionals running them. There is a real rise in ordinary people doing some extraordinary things with groups – especially when you consider group sizes.


Anyone can be in a group and anyone can have their own Group too. You need to follow a few simple steps but we believe you should give it a go. Here is how to do business on Facebook specifically with Groups. 


Be consistent


We are all on our phones most of the day. We are in front of our laptops. Make sure you are watching your notifications to see if there are new posts in the group and how you can participate. So when we say be consistent, be consistent at watching what is going on in that group or those groups. 

Be direct and Targeted 


The first few times you post, if you were like us, it is a mix of look how good we are and here is what we should do for you. But it isn’t like that at all. You SHOULD post about an exact process or win that happened in your business OR post asking for recommendations from the group. We find asking for Recommendations is the best way to post. 


Use an image to do get your audience’s attention 


The key, as we scroll through social media, is attention. How and why something grabs your attention is very individual. But there are a lot of generic tricks you can use. One which works for us is creating a word image in Canva. Something like ‘Comment 10 Below if you need 10 more jobs booked each month’. For example, if this is run through a trade and services group – it is likely someone in that group is looking to improve their online presence and win more work. You have used images to capture the attention of your target audience. 


Be active and contribute 


Be part of the group. When you have relevant info to contribute, jump in. You will find you end up getting a feel for the group and how it operates, and get a feel for other people in the group. I have made friends with people across the Country by being active in a few groups. It feels good to be part of something, and it feels GREAT when they recommend you. 


The Advantages

  • No cost
  • Hard Work pays off
  • Kick starts your business 


The Disadvantages

  • You must be consistent 
  • You might find the wrong work 


Want to have a marketing budget of $0 and find new clients regularly? Be a part of Facebook Groups in 2022. 

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