How to double your leads in 90 days!

Do you want to double your leads in 90 days?


If so, this blog post is for you. It will outline the steps that you can take to grow your business and attract more customers.


There are many different ways that a company can increase its number of leads, but these three tactics have been proven effective time and time again: optimising landing page design, driving traffic through SEO marketing, and increasing conversion rates with A/B testing.

1. Create a marketing plan and budget

2. Identify your target market

3. Determine which channels to use for outreach and how much time you can devote to each channel

4. Research what your competitors are up to, then (possibly) do something different

5. Outline the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals

6. Track everything – from web traffic, leads generated, email opens and click-throughs, conversions (including purchases), social media engagement rates (likes/shares) etcetera.


The best way to be successful in your marketing is by following a clear plan that takes into account the latest trends and understanding what you’re up against.


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