How Electricians & Electrical Businesses are Getting More Clients

Got an electrical business or thinking of starting one? Know this, it is one of the most competitive industries to be consistent with generating new, paying clients. 


Why is this? It is because you have multiple layers of services you can choose to offer. From changing a light bulb, wiring an entire house, installing solar or stopping fire alarms beeping all of these are parts of the job you CAN do


But does your marketing and website TELL the person searching that you have these skills? Most commonly we resoundingly NO it doesn’t – and why we have become known as Electrical Business Marketing and Sales Experts – by getting our clients more jobs by making the right changes. 


Add some SPARK to your marketing and sales with these 4 changes:


Where you need to be plugged in


Quite simply after reviewing hundreds of electrical business websites, we’ve discovered there are 2 things you need to focus on:


1 – Have a website that describes who you serve, what their problem is and your promise (how you can solve their problem). Might sound simple, and it is.


2 – You need to be aware of the free hits Google allows you. A few clicks and 750 characters about your business and locations will be the difference between your phone ringing and emailing pinging with new enquiries. 


But what about social media? It all comes off the back of points 1 and 2 above. It is what we will demonstrate over a zoom call to help you understand how doing points 1 and 2 will change your business for good.


Powering up your Business 


Electrical businesses are often leaders in digital marketing, especially when it comes to paid ads. Because of the generous rebates in the solar sector, it has become common for your competitors to do paid ads on both Google and Facebook. It can really power up your business, but you must have the foundations right first. 


It is no use paying for ads that bring traffic to a tired and old website, as each click costs you money. It is no use paying for ads if you haven’t first done the simple Google My Business exercises available for FREE. 


So yes, power up your business with Ads, but do it in a methodical and strategic way to be better than your competition. 


Is your website current 


It may surprise you to learn that it’s not your website that makes the phone ring. It is actually the work you do on Google and the traffic you send your website, in conjunction with the site relating to the potential client – turning them from a window shopper into a lead (phoning or emailing an enquiry). 


So when we ask if it is current, we mean…is it modern and is it ready to receive more traffic, is it ready to convert that traffic into a lead and is it helping you turn the lead into a new job by explaining your process – all before they have met you. We buy from people we know, like and trust. Your marketing speeds up and amplifies this process.


Conducting better business 


We will be able to identify two immediate changes you can make within your electrical business to get instant results. Best of all these changes don’t require ongoing marketing expenses. Once set up, you can get more jobs than your competition by repeating the process over and over. 


So if you have an electrical business and you want to conduct it better (see what we have done here – conduct, current, power up, plugged in), get in touch with us today.


3 SIMPLE ways – book a meeting below in our calendar, leave a message on facebook (or the messenger icon on our site) or email us at [email protected] 

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