Employee Growth and Retention Through Internal HR Data and Marketing Services

Currently, in Australia, we have unprecedented wage and staff growth issues. This blog does not need to go into the why (like border closures, business confidence, infrastructure boom). This blog will focus on the current internal view on recruitment and how things have ‘always been done’. 


What we will cover is how to be better than your industry peers at finding, engaging, employing and retaining employees in this market. We will use tactics from current recruitment methods, Not For Profit industry learnings, new Start-Ups with huge growth and staff requirements and reference how these can be combined into a new way of thinking for your business.

Employee Growth and Retention through Internal HR Data and Marketing services-blog

Recruitment – As it stands


Linked In

Online Platforms


‘But this is the way we have always done it’. 


*We are not saying to move away from this strategy, but tie it all together with a more modern approach. 


Not For Profit – a learning environment 


A well-known CEO engaged us to ‘follow the level of activity from lead to placement’ on a board mandate which is ongoing. Here is what we have learnt:


  • Leakage – data does not lie, we found placements were being missed
  • Reporting – what gets measured gets improved
  • Communication – align board strategy with the operational strategy using meaningful and real-time information 


The end result for the Not For Profit? An increase in funding because of the ability to demonstrate the overall effectiveness of their business model for the greater good of trainee and apprentice placements – not just with them. Their board meetings are filled with rich content demonstrating the business activity and effectiveness. 

How this Startup solved the wage and employment growth issue by thinking on their feet


A common issue for the vast majority of businesses at the moment. You can win the work but you may not have the human capital to complete it on time if it all. A Brisbane startup recently looked outside the box to help HR fill the coffers with candidates for internal roles. And how they did it might surprise you. It was not with LinkedIn, it was not with outsourced agency recruitment. It was, simply, demographics.


Understanding where the humans you require are, targetting them appropriately, and retargeting them with helpful marketing to fill your internal HR with more CV’s and applications than previously thought possible.


It worked that well, this Startup solved their problem within 6 weeks and continues to use demographics to locate the best staff right now. 


Stop letting humans do the heavy lifting


Here are 5 tips to fill your internal HR with the right candidates, at the right salary expectation, in the right amount of time.


1 – Track your website info

2 – Use specific landing pages for different vocations and produce helpful marketing

3 – Locate your staff using key demographics

4 – Use Facebook Groups and other social platforms (there is a specific way to do this) 

5 – Report the results in real-time, to tie business and operational strategy seamlessly 


*If you are sending prospective employees off your website to admin platforms which cannot report back to you, you are not in the game. Wise up!


If you implement our Employee Growth and Retention through Data and Marketing services you can expect to become an employer of choice, with the triple advantage of more applicants, at a lower net wage and with faster placement. 


This means if you are a not-for-profit your advantage is in winning more funding


If you are in business for profit, and especially listed, you will see revenue and share price increases while expenses drop. 


This current market will correct. Start understanding your data now to ensure profitability and staffing requirements are easily met once our economy turns.

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