Does Your Small Business Need To Employ An Admin?

Here is a run down of what we have seen in the last 3 months reviewing over 50 small trades and services businesses.


More and more we are all getting used to working from home, so naturally we tend to think it means we have to do everything ourselves.


It is not the case! (or maybe it is the case with the use of smart marketing and software).

1 – Scale is hard without the back office being organised


You can only work so many hours in the business. If you operate machinery – there is around 80 hours of daylight you could possibly utilise, leaving admin and marketing by the wayside. At some point you need to lean into the idea that your back office needs a structure and a process to follow.


2 – Having admin for admin’s sake burns cash flow


We have been there. We had more admin staff than necessary. It made life easy, but it also burned cash and when business interruptions happen it causes cash flow issues. Have a look at what actions are repetitive, and where software can automate your process. You may need less humans than you think. 


3 – A good admin should be paid well, very well


We are adamant – a good and especially great admin needs to be paid highly. In truth, one good admin can replace the work of four. We have seen this ourselves, over and over. The better they learn about your business and customers, and especially if they solve problems on their own, the better they should be compensated. 


Overall, the requirement for your business to have admin is there. How you structure this is up to you. Don’t forget that human process could be enhanced with software. Look at the actions the admin is taking, put it into a workflow and use software to enable your business to thrive. 


What software can help you achieve 

  • Automate your marketing
  • Automate your customer interactions when they first inquire
  • Weed out non genuine customers, giving you more time back
  • Video messaging your customers – reducing admin time though less typing
  • Alert you when customers need attention
  • Systemise your process so you know where your business is at all times (front end) 


All in all, our core belief is there are four disciplines your business needs to focus on to be successful. Operations is one of these core competencies. We can help streamline your business for growth or getting time back.


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