Crazy Business Stats from 50 Clients Over 3 Months

Getting the right start in growing your business generally comes with knowledge.


But without actually starting and learning from mistakes, where else can you gain solid info?


Polling clients across a broad industry is a good start.


Here is what we did:

*long post with good data*

Crazy Business Statistics

50 small businesses we have worked with over the last 3 months answered 12 simple questions. The results were super surprising. Here are the numbers and some lessons we can take away. We have included the link to the software we used at the bottom of the blog (no paid affiliation) 


First – The Numbers: (The most common issues) 


When asked about Marketing 

74% were not regularly contacting their database 


When asked about Sales
86% were unable to supply quotes or proposals on the same day 


When asked about Operations

Only 10 out of 50 could track the level of activity from marketing effort to sale


When asked about Technology

60% have not reviewed Business Services (internet, phone and email hosting) since inception 


The 4 highest ranking lessons learned from running the 12 questions across 50 businesses across Australia: 


  • Most small business have had a bad experience with digital marketing and or website being ‘sold to them’


  • Most businesses believe they should spend more time on their sales process, but are too busy ‘doing’ the work’ and don’t know how to. It was common to hear ‘everyone says to work on your business not in it, but few are able to provide a platform to help us’.


  • The better performing businesses had a strong operational bias. Usually an excellent internal administrator (highly paid compared to peers) or had built out a CRM (names like Hubspot, Salesforce, MailChimp and Zoho) to do the work.


  • Most businesses have moved to the cloud in the last 5 years. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive being named. DropBox was being used in some cases. 


Results were clear:


  • A correlation between high scores and making more money.
  • 42 of the 50 businesses showed immediate improvement after actioning the report


Where does your business rank across Marketing, Sales, Operations and Technology?


Improve your business with a Digital Impact Report –


Link: (12 questions, 2 minutes and a report to show you immediate actionable points)


Bill answered the questions and got 77 out of 100. 


Michael  answered the questions and got 67 out of 100. 


Read more about them here.

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