5 Apps You Should Be Using In Your Business

I’m a child of the 80’s and have grown up with technology playing a large part in my life.


I have always been fascinated with what you can do with tech and how it can be leveraged to not only make life easier or more fun, but as I matured and moved into the workforce, I realised how technology can be utilised in business.


In this blog I’ll talk about 5 apps/websites that we use on an almost daily basis to make our business hum.

5 Apps You Should Be Using

Google Workspace



After plodding along for years using Microsoft Office and various other applications for our standard day to day tasks, the switch to Google was a breath of fresh air. Using this one suite, we are able to file and store all our internal documents and client files securely, without having to rely on some mythical server sitting in the corner of the office….. An office that we no longer have as we all work from home. 


Google Docs/Sheets/Slides has completely replaced Microsoft Office, we no longer need to download any software, pay for licensing etc etc. It’s as simple as going to a website and writing your document, presentation, or preparing your spreadsheet. 





Given the state of affairs in the world today, I’d be shocked if you haven’t already come across this application. Remember Skype….? Yeah, me neither. This video calling/conferencing application is available for free for calls up to 40 minutes but with the paid version you can use it for as long as you like. 


With Zoom, you can set up one on one meetings with clients or connect people together in a group, both from your business and externally. With social distancing at the forefront of business currently, this app gives you all the tools you need in order to meet without having to travel physically. 


Given that we, at Stats Lab Media, work from home, we spend large amounts of time reviewing our procedures and marketing over Zoom Calls. It’s been a Godsend…





If you’re still tracking all your lead data and client information on spreadsheets it’s time to jump on board the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) train. We use HubSpot as our CRM of choice as it provides a really easy to use interface that gives us all the power and options we need to market to our customers and manage the data in real time.


HubSpot provides tools such as marketing automation, dashboard reporting, outbound dialling and email marketing and integrates with a huge range of apps that extend its capabilities to an almost limitless horizon. This app is hands down one of the best tools in our arsenal.





It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been using this tool for more than 5 years. Loom gives you the opportunity to record quick screen grab videos (such as the email quote you’re currently composing) and, using your computer’s camera, allows you to record yourself essentially presenting content to your audience. 


For example, say you’ve just drafted up a quote for $10,000… sure you can send off your email with all the explanation in the world, but imagine the power of adding a personalised 5 minute video explaining your quote, presenting it in a much more personal way. That’s magic, and by consistently taking this approach, we’ve seen a much higher engagement rate when presenting to clients like this.





Last, but not least, this tool has essentially replaced our internal email communications. Think of it like an instant messenger for your business team. Instead of clogging up your inbox with requests and simple messages between staff, utilise Slack as a means of communication within the team and leave the email stuff for client communications and the like. 


You can use slack to send videos, photos, documents as well as all your normal messages between team members. Furthermore, you can even integrate it with other applications in order to receive notifications ASAP. For example, getting a message sent directly to you when someone fills out a form on your website, or even messages your business on Facebook.


Slack has so much to offer your business, give it a go today.

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