4 Reasons Recruitment Using Facebook Groups Works

2022 has been a wild year and hopefully we’re turning the corner and putting the pandemic behind us. Business is booming again and with that is the need to find the right people. 


The old tried and true methods of finding suitable applicants just don’t seem to be working anymore, at least this is what we’re hearing from our clients. Numbers coming through from SEEK and professional head hunters tell the story of a workforce that has lost its appetite. 


So what options do we have? Read on and I’ll give you 4 reasons why you should use Facebook Groups to find the people you’ve been looking for.

Facebook Groups for Recruitment

Why Facebook Groups?



Facebook Groups are goldmines for sourcing staff! You can find a group for almost any industry, interest or theme under the sun. People want to come together and share their interest in something with like-minded people. You might be looking for staff in a pet food warehouse or targeting the next up and coming civil engineer. No matter the industry, chances are you’ll find a group in your area that has the people you’re looking for. Take advantage of that.



Ok so we’ve touched on shared interests, but what makes these groups even stronger is they are little (or not so little) living, breathing communities. People look out for each other (generally) and want to support other members of the group (community).


What does this mean?


Group members care about each other (generally), if they see something that might help someone else in the group, they’re more likely to share or reach out directly. Not only that, they may tag their own friends/acquaintances outside of the group (in public groups). This gives you access to an even larger audience.


Multiple Ways To Share

Post as yourself or your business, the important thing here is that you post. An option we’ve found very effective is to post as your business on your business’s Facebook Page and then share that across your groups using your personal account. 


Sure, this means you’re a little more exposed, but people want to interact with other humans. Not necessarily a business that has no face.


Furthermore, you can ask group members to share your post in other groups or with their friends.


Casual Yet Intimate and Approachable

As mentioned above, posting with your personal account provides comfort to those reaching out to you. They’re not interacting with a big, scary, faceless entity, but rather with another human being. This makes you much more approachable and means you can respond quickly through your own account.


If this makes you feel a little uncomfortable, feel free to create a personal “work” FB account that you can kit out with all your work-related content. This means you’ll be switching between accounts more frequently, but it is a viable option for those who’d rather keep a little anonymity.


Secret Sauce

Here’s where most businesses fall over. You can be the best marketer in the world, but if you don’t have a process to follow when responding to comments, shares and messages, it’ll all fall in a heap. We can’t give away all our secrets, but having a tight process to follow ensures you know the status of every enquiry and can follow up in a regimented manner. This is where you really benefit from your efforts in not only Facebook groups but all your marketing efforts.


Are you having trouble finding the right staff or you’ve tried groups and haven’t succeeded? Book a meeting with me using the calendar to talk about how we can help. 

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