3 Reasons Why Website Performance Is So Important To Your Business

We live in a world where instant gratification is expected, and this is no different for your clients when they visit your website


If someone has to wait more than 5 seconds for your site to load or at least be interactive, they’ll bail and likely go on to the next google search result….your competition.


In this blog, we’ll cover 3 reasons why it’s so important that your website speed and performance is up to scratch and give you a chance to look at your own website’s performance using our website grader.

our site may have all the bells and whistles, highlighting all the right products or services, and content but if its performance is even slightly off, chances are you’re losing potential customers.


This rings true, even more so, for mobile users who are likely on the move and don’t have time to wait around while your curated site loads. Here are 3 reasons why your website’s performance is so important to your business.


1 – Faster Loading Site, Increased Conversions


Depending on whether you offer a traditional service or product, or run an e-commerce setup, your website’s performance will play a large factor in the number of potential leads that you can convert.


Studies show that for every second over the 2 second loading mark you will lose approximately 7%, for e-commerce sites, in your conversion rate and up to 11% fewer page views for businesses that offer a service or product.


These numbers may not sound that dramatic, but when you look at how many visitors(potential leads) are visiting your site every month, that number starts to add up.


2 – Better Website Performance Improves Your Search Rankings


Did you know that Google will actually drop pages down their search rankings based on their load times? Sure, it’s not the only factor that is taken into account when Google’s algorithm does its mystical thing and displays relevant results for searches but in this day and age, every edge you have over your competition is a win. 


In addition to this, if Google recognises that users are hitting your site and bouncing back to their search page straight away (due to lack of performance or irrelevance of content), the algorithm will start to think that your page isn’t relevant to the user’s search term. You want potential customers to be able to find your content, your service, or your product.


3 – Poor Website Performance Will Damage Your Brand


Whether we like it or not, brand perception is important, particularly in today’s social-media-driven society. We’re used to having things load instantly, and when websites don’t perform to our expectations we get bored and start to think negatively about the brand/site we’re looking at.


Some users may even take it a step further and vent their frustrations on social platforms, not only damaging your brand in the mind of that user but possibly those whom they are connected with on their various social media platforms. 


Are you losing jobs or potential customers because your website isn’t performing? Run your website through our Website Grader and find out where your site may be lacking and what to do about it. 

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