Marketing and Digital Transformation for Property - Sunshine Coast

There are many reasons why marketing and digital transformation are necessary.


One of the main reasons is because we live in a society that’s constantly changing.


The pace of change has never been faster, nor more constant than it is now. With this shift in how our society communicates and operates, companies need to evolve their strategies for staying relevant and competitive. 

Marketing automation platforms can help you stay ahead by providing insights into your customer base, which will allow you to better serve them with personalized interactions like targeted email campaigns or push notifications on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

This article will explore how digital transformation impacts all aspects of business operations including marketing initiatives as well as what steps companies should take to get started on their journey towards digital transformation.


Digital Transformation


Quite simply, move with the times. It is no longer an excuse to say it won’t work or you don’t have time.




Think about your data and not just pushing out an email to a database. Think about curating your email list to be specific and on message. You will get better cut through.


The importance of digital transformation for property developers


If you are selling land or developments you must start keeping your data in one central location, to be reused over and over again. You should be aiming for a ‘free hit’ on each new project. The free hit being sales already in the pipeline.


How to engage with your customers through social media channels


We have all seen the rise of the new property agent. They are almost digital creators on their social pages, turning out crisp videos and pictures.  But you don’t need to be an audiovisual whiz. Some simple posting procedures will get you in front of your audience and keep you moving through your day. 


Why it’s important to have a website that works on any device 


Checking your website is mobile friendly is key. Try it for yourself on your device and any devices you have at home.


How to get the most from your marketing campaigns


Retargeting is key. If possible we recommend two initiates.  First, aim to know when people are on your website by tracking them. And secondly, use text messaging in your marketing.


The world has changed. If you want to stay competitive, it’s time for a digital transformation. Your property business needs an online presence that is mobile-friendly and works on any device—giving your customers the opportunity to find out about new developments in real-time no matter where they are or what they are doing. We can help with this process by providing advice and guidance on how technology changes our lives every day.  


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