*Not For Profits* Raise Awareness, Attract Donors and Recruit Volunteers ($150,000 recurring grant)

*as at the time of preparing this page (August 2021) there are Google Grants available to registered NFP’s $150,000 per annum – recurring Most not-for-profits are not making the most of this opportunity to increase stakeholder engagement and become revenue resilient.

What's In The Full Video?

Listen in as Stats Lab Media discusses with Paul Quilliam how he navigated Google’s special grants program to strategically increase Hummingbird House’s engagement across multiple platforms. This was used to generate much-needed donations and win grants that saw Hummingbird House become the success it is today.


You will get his ideas on:
  • Why NFP’s need to nurture a marketing mindset
  • How to allocate marketing grants wisely
  • Using a Customer Management Tool to track effort and report accurately

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